Spend Management Platform

Spend Management Platform

New technologies are developing fast and are changing the game for every companies.
This is a unique opportunity for your procurement and finance organizations to streamline your operations and redefine proactively your roles and responsibilities by shifting your focus to higher added value activities.

We support our clients in their Procurement 4.0 and Finance 4.0 journey to :
– Assess and select their E-Procurement solution
– Support the implementation of any an E-Procurement solution as well as the related processes and organization
– Implement Ivalua, a leading solution on the market for procurement and finance organizations
– Get spend visibility and develop actionable dashboards
– Implement best in class processes and automation
– Control your expenses and ensure compliance
– Reduce spend
– Develop a best in class organization delivering high value through partnering and advisory

Our teams will guide you through a 4 steps process :
1. Clarify your objectives
2. Assess the maturity of your organization as well as the strong and weak points thanks to our “360° assessment tool”
3. Design the appropriate improvement program for your organization (short, medium, long term)
4. Deliver our promise with tangible solution we implement with your teams

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