Spend Optimization

Spend Optimization

Most companies focus their cost optimization programs mainly on core-spend and tend not to cover at least 20% of their spend.

However, our experience demonstrates that significant savings can be made and a high value can be generated by enhancing the service level, changing consumption habits and bringing innovations.

Our company has developed a 7 steps methodology which has demonstrated a superior outcome for our clients over the years.              Our extensive benchmarking knowledge and category assessment tools allow us to identify quickly where we will deliver the highest return for your company.

You will benefit from our high expertise in general expenses (non-exhaustive list) :

  • Utilities (gas, electricity, water)
  • IT & Telecom
  • Fleet/fuel
  • Logistics
  • Facilities (hard and soft)       


Thanks to the following 4 levers, we analyze and optimize your spend :

  • Audit
  • Process improvement
  • Sourcing & competitive bidding
  • Innovation


In addition, our pragmatic approach based on a broad experience ensures a fast Delivery while involving clients to come up with superior solutions and validate critical milestones.


With Kronos Group, you will have “More for less”